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Turn Your Speakers Into a Radio Player

You may plug your speakers’ line-in wire to iMini to turn a regular speaker into an FM/DAB/DAB+ radio.This only works when you are in a strong radio signal environment where you can use a line-in wire as an antenna to pick up radio signal.




On 40% Discount
DAB/DAB+ Slide Show Display

iRis is world’s first portable DAB+ receiver that supports colour slide show. With iRis battery pack, your iPhone 4 is enriched by a colourful radio. App, that works with the radio receiver inside the battery pack. It works with radio interface without a clumsy button.




The Lingo iVy

The Lingo iVy is a DAB/DAB+ and FM receiver that can be controlled via Bluetooth from an Android smart phone via an app called “DAB Go!”. The headphones cable acts as antenna for DAB receiver and so the headphones always need to be collected.